Felicity knows small business. She was born into it.

Felicity Dougherty

Felicity literally grew up “in the shop”. As the local newsagents in a small town, just north of Redcliffe, Queensland, her birth was even announced in chalk on the footpath out the front of her parents small business. Growing up, Felicity, as many children of small business owners know all too well, spent endless hours helping out in the shop, playing around the piles of stock and helping herself to the biscuit jar in the tea room.

As she grew older Felicity became fascinated with the workings of small business and by the time she was 12 she was fully involved taking orders, writing up invoices, balancing the till and doing stocktakes. Because that’s what happens in small business!

When she started her own small business as an adult, Felicity was able to see first hand what it was like to be a small business owner. The incredible ups and downs, the importance of cashflow and great staff and perhaps the most important thing, knowing what you do well and knowing where your limits are.

For Felicity, Small Sites is not just about providing websites for small businesses, it is about helping to level the playing field for small business owners, just like herself and her parents.

Large corporations have specialist staff that manage every aspect of their businesses from stock control, HR, WH&S, bookkeeping (and the list goes on… and on….) and that is something that small business don’t have. But now they have Small Sites, which means that their website and web presence is one less they have to juggle.

When Felicity is not working she loves hanging out with her family, reading books (real, paper books!) and teaching her Mum how to use Instagram (not very succesfully!).

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