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About Small Sites

Small Sites, web design and development company in Australia is the brain child of Founder Felicity Dougherty. After years of quoting custom built websites for small business in her Creative Agency, Audacious Digital, Felicity noticed a pattern – small businesses who knew they needed to be online but could not afford a fully customised website with the premium price tag that went with it. And what were the other options for the small business owner?

  • A cheap website built offshore that looked like it had been designed last century and on the back end was slow, not inclusive of mobile technology and in short, did not represent the passion and dedication of the small business owner sitting in front of her.
  • Going with the custom built option and stretching the cash flow of the small business often to breaking point.
  • Trying to build it themselves, and then coming back with a whole lot more grey hairs and a strained relationship a few months later.
  • Going without a website and essentially, becoming invisible in the marketplace.

The small sites difference

None of these options were helping small businesses to thrive.

But what if there was another option? And there is! We have created one! 

Small Sites is just what small business people in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia have been waiting for. An affordable small business website solution that looks fabulous, works every time and creates a web presence for the business.

And don’t forget, we are small business people too! So we know small business and we know websites. We know that small business means long days followed by long nights, we know that feeling of the work never being “done” and we most of all, we understand the importance of building a team around you that you can trust. 

our Sites

We are proud of our Small Sites websites. They are fast, beautiful and most importantly they work for our clients. All our sites are crafted with unique imagery, text and content based around your business logo and the brief that you give us. A Small Site website is not just a website, it is an integral part of your business.

Take a look at some of our sites, and see the Small Sites difference. 

Let’s Start Something new
your own small site!

Let’s have a chat! We would love to talk with you to see if a Small Sites website is the right choice for your business. You would be surprised just how many businesses we can help get online and grow their digital presence. Could that be you? 

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