Audacious Digital

Audacious Digital is a full service digital agency, formed in Toowoomba in regional Queensland but with staff available for consultations on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and via Skype to anywhere in Australia.

Audacious Digital has been operating since 2013 and has happy customers located all over Australia. The Audacious Digital team have been involved in website design, digital marketing, web development, learning management system (LMS) development, online membership centre portal development, app development and small scale software projects. Each project that the Audacious Digital team take on is carefully scoped and prepared, delivered consistently and worked on in partnership with the client to achieve results that help to grow businesses.

With an eye for detail and design, Audacious Digital have garnered a reputation for their superior customer service, agile development and intelligent, cutting edge design, all of which are required within a modern digital agency. 

Audacious Digital specialises in fully customised web based solutions for everyday problems that customers and their clients face. At Audacious Digital emphasis is placed on the development of technology that is future proof, pushing the boundaries of what is current by looking to the future and building tech solutions that address future problems. 

Audacious Digital runs their own AWS server and provides full service hosting support for both their own clients and for Small Sites owners. The benefits of this full service include; cutting edge security protocols, daily backups of all sites, weekly server and site maintanence and full service by a qualified technician for all the technical aspects and back end infrastructure of the websites. 

As the team behind Small Sites, Audacious Digital is able to take their vast digital knowledge and help small businesses achieve the results they need.

Audacious Digital also has partners in Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design that they refer to and work with, enabling a seamless integration of branding across print and digital. These partnerships enable fantastic outcomes for the clients.

Just another benefit of joining the Small Sites revolution!

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