Get you E-commerce business online faster!

At Small Sites we love E-Commerce! We love setting up the store, we love building a site that sells and we love helping our Small Sites family reach their goals. Whether your e-commerce store is a side project or the main event, you can get a Small Site that is both beautiful and functional for your very own range of products.

All you need is your products, pricing, and some photos and you are ready to go. It is that simple because we take care of the rest. We do all the heavy lifting on the web design and web development side of the business so that you can relax and work on your product.

At Small Sites we lead you through the process step by step. No Paypal? No worries, we will help give you handy guides to follow so you can setup your Paypal account and start receiving payments from your website. No logo? Not a problem. For a small fee our in house designers can design an eye catching logo for your business that will stand out both in print and on the web. For all your small business web and digital needs, we can help!

You and Small Sites are the perfect E-Commerce Team!

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