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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get an email address?

Your Small Site doesn’t come with an email address as we have found most of our clients are perfectly happy with the email system they are currently using. If you want to upgrade your system or move to a new url we can help! We use G Suite as an email provider as we have found them to be simple and easy to use – just like us! With a huge range of features and enhanced security we know you will be happy with G-Suite as your email provider. If you want more than one email address the cost is $95 per year per email address.

Do I have to keep paying for my domain?

Yes! If you already own your own domain (ie your .com, .co, .com.au, .net etc) and have bought it with you you will need to keep paying to keep your address registered to you and your business. If we have registered your domain as part of the setup of your website the good news is it is included in your Small Site fee.

What happens if I want to leave Small Sites?

We will cry a little tear and wish you all the best. Your Small Sites payments are made a month in advance, so at the end of that month the site will be turned off. Because of the specifics of the licensing of the images, themes and fonts that we use for our websites we are not able to provide these to you should you decide to move to another provider.

If you have email with us you will need to arrange a transfer through your new provider.

Do I need to pay for web hosting with my domain provider?

No! Your Small Sites fee includes not just the design and updating of your small business website but your web hosting, on our super fast AWS server (sorry, the techy in us just had to brag) also.

What if I miss a payment?

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us from time to time! Make sure you update your credit card details if you are issued with a new card. If you miss a payment, one of the Small Sites team will be in touch to arrange a manual payment of the missed fee or to chat about catching up. If you notice any anomalies in the payments, just let us know. If the payment is more than 5 weeks in arrears (we will have let you know every week that it is late!) we will have to turn off the site. But the good news is, as soon as you are back on your feet we can get it all back up and running for you.

I have heard that SEO is really important. Is that included in my Small Site?

Yes, SEO is included in your Small Site!

SEO is important, and its importance differs greatly depending on your location, industry and business goals. Your Small Site includes best practices in SEO but if you want to supercharge it – that’s up to you! Small Sites can arrange additional local SEO for your business, just get in touch. At this point Small Sites is not offering premium and specific SEO services but we are happy to recommend companies that do a great job.

More Questions?

Just ask us! Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can.

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