Do you ever have those days that just don’t get started for you? You check your emails and respond to a couple, get sidetracked on Facebook and then reply to a few messages on LinkedIn. A client calls so you spend the next half hour searching for the file that they need and all of a sudden it’s 2 pm! You forgot to eat and so you are tired, your blood sugar is low so you reach for a coffee and a muffin/almond croissant/muesli bar (insert your own sweet crutch of choice) because you have gotten no work done this morning and you have so much to do before you leave today!


Does this sound familiar? We all have days like this, and every now and then it’s ok, but if you are your own boss or managing a team then you know that you work best when you are prepared and focussed. I developed a little printable to help me with focus for the day but I also thought that I would share it with you!


Here’s how I prevent the day-running-away-from-me fogginess:


  1. Center Yourself
    I spend the first part of each day in quiet reflection. Some people pray, some listen to music, some go for a walk or sit somewhere beautiful. Whatever is your jam! The point is so that you can still your mind before you get started for the day and gather your thoughts to a focal point. I have a spot that I sit in the sun in my office if I am in there for the day, or if I am working from home I sit outside in the garden. If I am on the road for the day I still do this. I have a little spot that I drive to near my kids’ school and I just sit and watch the water for a few minutes, and clear my mind of all the chatter, then I can plan the move to step #2!


  1. Review Your Goals
    Where are you going? If you don’t have some goals for your business, stop right now! Write some down! And plan to review them each month. If you have goals, make sure that they are handy and you can get to them easily. Take them out, or better still, have them on a notice board near your desk. And review them. Read through and soak in the awesomeness of where you are wanting to take your business! Look back and see how far you have come already.

I have a “mobile office” – actually, it is my Kikki-K Planner (this is the one I use! I’ll have to do another post about how I use mine later! Sign up if you want my posts sent to your inbox each week) and my laptop. I have my goals at the front of my planner so that I can pull them out each day and look at them to remind myself of what I am heading towards. It is harder to be distracted and aimless if you are reminded of what is so good about the destination you are headed towards.


  1. Develop Your Priorities
    With your goals in the front of your mind, it is time to develop the priorities for today. Make sure that one of them is going to be something that moves your business forward, not just does the work that you need to do for the day. I limit it to 3 Priorities and 3 Extra’s that I can do if I have time. Don’t give yourself too much to do in one day! It’s better to do a few things well today than to start 10 new projects and never complete them.


So that is my take on how to prevent the mind-wandering-foggy-days and to get focused and have a kick arse, productive day! And the other thing is don’t forget to eat! My top tip: set an alarm for lunch and make sure you take it! Everything gets harder if your blood sugar drops.


Want to grab our printable? Click here to download the printable and get your day focused!

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