When is the time right to get your side business an e-commerce website?


You’ve done it! You have managed to start your side hustle. Maybe it is a cupcake baking business creating delicious deserts for kids parties, perhaps you have a market stall of colonial antiquities that you run every second Sunday at the local car boot sale, perhaps you sell gourmet picnic blankets to friends and family. Great job! You’ve managed to create a side hustle. Next step – make it big!


And this is where a website comes in! So when do you know that the time is right to get your side hustle online? Here are 4 guidelines for when we see most of our clients succeed with their website.


  1. When you are ready to go beyond your friends and family

If you have managed to sell your wares to your friends and family to the point that every single friend or family members kids has one of your {insert your own awesome product here} then it is time to widen the circle! And time to get a website! Because, guess what? The friends of the friends who first bought your awesome product are probably just about ready to buy one themselves – and they need a professional place to contact you and order.


2. When you are wanting more professionalism around your business

If you are feeling like your side hustle is not getting the RESPECT it deserves, maybe it’s time to dial up the professionalism and start getting real about your business. Get a logo, a style sheet, colours and of course a website. It’s sort of like getting a shop front – you are taking your business to the next level.


3. When you are starting a transition plan from side-gig to full time business

So the orders have started rolling in! Hooray! You are day dreaming about the day that you hand your resignation letter to the boss and pick up your pot plant and head to the door (with or without your Jerry McGuire style manifesto) well let’s hold onto that dream but also get a plan in place to enable it to happen. It’s time to get serious, crunch the numbers and get this business scalable. It’s time for a website!


4. When you are getting so busy you need a system to organise your business

The best time of all is when the orders are rolling and and you just need a hub to keep everything in, simplify the order process and create a system around your product distribution. A website is, of course, a place where people can order your product, but also a place where those orders are collected, managed and processed – and if your product is downloadable you don’t even have to do anything to make it happen! Huzzah!

So, there are 4 guides to when is the right time to get your side hustle into a fully functioning e-commerce website. Got questions? I know you do! Why not give me a call on 0437548342 or email hello@smallsites.com.au and book in a chat.

I’m so excited to be talking with Vince Massara from vincemasarra.com about Teacher’s Side Hustles! Check it out here.

Good luck on the e-commerce journey!

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