Choosing a domain name that will make your small business stand out.


One of the questions that we get quite often from our clients here at Small Sites is how do I choose a domain name for my small business website? For some the answer is easy – just look for your business name. And for some, or for those whose business name is already taken, it can be a little trickier.

Here are some of my top tips for choosing a domain for your business.

  1. Go to a domain purchase website.

Here at Audacious Digital and Small Sites we love Crazy Domains as they have a great interface to use and are really simple. The downside is that they try and sell you the kitchen sink with your domain! Avoid the temptation – once you have chosen your name then just buy the domain, that is all you need. At Small Sites we look after the hosting, security and can even manage your email hosting too -so don’t spend a fortune on things that you don’t need. Other top services are Netregistry and WebCity  


  1. Start searching domains with your business name.

If you have registered your business name with the Australian Business Register then it should be easy to get your business name as a  Search the domain name search on any of the above websites for your business name. If it is available, nab it now! Don’t let it get away – and then you are good to go – great job!


  1. If your business name is a bit long or complicated look for simple alternatives

Start trying different combinations of your business name in the domain name search bar. If your business is Felicity’s Fabulous Food Friday then perhaps buy the full name but also look for and for easier to manage alternatives. Don’t forget you will need to use it as a domain for your email, for example works a whole lot better than


  1. Before you hit purchase check your Social Media

It’s a great idea to make sure that there are available social media handles for your new domain, especially if it is slightly different to your business. Namecheckr is a great tool for this. Make sure you sign up each of the social profiles once you have your domain.


  1. Should I .com .co .org – what domain extension should I buy?

The rule of thumb is that if you are a local business buy the (or whatever the extension is in your country). For Felicity’s Fabulous Food Fridays, my fictional business that sets up Food Trucks on Friday nights at local parks over the Gold Coast, the is perfect as the business will never go global! But if I have an ecommerce store that I plan to sell herbs and spices all over the world, then a .com is the best start. I recommend where possible buying the (if you are Aussie of course!) and the .com to get started. Once your business grows then go in and buy up the other common extensions .net .co .web etc


  1. Don’t get too excited with Domain Names!

We have all done it! We get to the domain name search bar and the infinite possibilities of our business overwhelm us and we start to add to cart domain names like they are lollies in a pick and mix store! Don’t do it! Just start with the basics, and trust me, the domain name provider will be happy to take your money for more later!


So that’s my musings from my own and from the experience of many of the small businesses that I have helped out with domain names. Once you have your domain name sorted then it’s simple to get the rest of your Small Site Website set up!

Need a small business website? Well fancy that, you are in just the right place! We can sort you out no worries. Get in touch at and we will get started building you a fantastic new website for your business.


Felicity 🙂


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