Easy Money? To make money from your website, you just need to be savvy… and practical.


Everyone says you can make money online, don’t they? It’s funny how many people think that the internet is the new gold rush, it’s the new place where entrepreneurs are made into millionaires overnight. The person next door could tomorrow be driving a BMW, instead of the Ford Focus they’re currently driving around. But what about you – do you think it’s just like this? I can tell you from where I see it, having a business online, especially an e-commerce site is not just about making rich overnight, it’s like any business. And what does any business require? It requires dedication, it requires hard work, and it requires a little bit of savvy to get things moving in the right direction. That’s not to say that I don’t think there is money to be made online, there absolutely is. But business essentials, like a sturdy plan and a great product, should be a part of your business from day one.

So, here are my three tips for making money off your website.

  1. Pick the right product.

It’s really important that you pick the right product. People come product choice from so many different angles; some like to choose a product that they like to use, other people like a product that they can create themselves, and some people just want a product for which there is a market for and they know they can sell. All these ways of choosing a product are great. In my opinion, the most important things are as follows:

  • that you pick a product that is of good quality,
  • that your product works well,
  • That you know your clients and customers are going to be happy that they are getting what they paid for…

Or use the Grandma test: something that you would be happy to sell to your grandma. That is of course if your grandmother was actually interested in the product, but you get what I mean. Something you can stand behind with integrity.

  1. Make sure that you have a market for the product.

I once had a client who had a great brand. She was a dynamo, she had developed something that was new and unique, she had made sure that it was designed beautifully, she had made sure that it worked perfectly. But what she hadn’t done was to make sure that she had a market for her product. You can have the most beautiful product in the world but if no one wants to buy it then it’s no good to you, or to them, or in fact to anybody. It certainly isn’t going to sell, and it’s not going to make you any money. Make sure that you have a market for the product that you want to sell, and make sure you know what that market is.

  1. Get a website that works.

It’s so important that once you have a great product, and you have a fabulous market for your product and a great fit between those two things that you get a website that you can sell this awesome product on. One of the things that frustrates online consumers most, is when a website just doesn’t work. There are so many little things that can turn a potential buyer of purchasing your product on your website. It could be the fact that the lightbox (ie the popup box) that you’re using to promote your newsletter doesn’t click off and they can’t actually leave the lightbox window – in which case they are just going to leave your website. It could be that you don’t offer a payment gateway that they’re comfortable with and so, they just leave your website. Or it could be something as simple as one of the links are broken and sending the customer from the product that they want to purchase to a different product, once again they won’t go back and try to find the product again or a different way, ¬†they’ll just leave your website. It is essential to have a website that works properly, is tested, and has a great customer journey, so that way people would go through all the way to purchasing your product… because that is what you want to be able to sell your product.

So, is there money lying on the ground for people to pick up in this e-commerce boom? Perhaps. But there is absolutely money for people who are willing to put the time, energy and effort into product development, product market fit and a great website so they have a great platform to sell their product on.

Of course, that’s where we come in. We’re happy to help here at Small Sites. Help you get number three – a great website that works really working for you and for your customers. Get in touch at smallsites.com.au/contact or hello@smallsites.com.au. We’d love to chat on how we can help you and your business

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