Migrating an Etsy Store to WordPress is Simple with Small Sites!

So you love your Etsy Store? Getting a few orders pumping? Love the thrill of filling a customer order and seeing how much people love your product? It’s exciting isn’t it? That’s the thrill of e-commerce! There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to an inbox full of orders!

Actually, there is one thing that is better….. not having to pay the hefty Etsy commission on all the orders!

Back in the day (a few years ago now!) I had a store on Etsy, so I can speak from experience! I loved it. I loved the interaction with customers and filling orders. My online store was a family based graphic design store specialising in charts, children’s artworks, illustrations and invitations – so much fun! What I didn’t love however was the fees. Especially as I started to transition my e-commerce business to become my main gig and I felt the crippling weight of the fees and the restrictions of an online marketplace.

This is where having your own website can really make the difference to your business. An e-commerce store on a WordPress Platform is perfect for most small business owners. You have advanced stock control and shipping options, more payment options for both you and your customer, and a greater visibility and ability to market your small e-commerce business to the world.

The best thing is that with a Small Site, you don’t have to be a technical whiz. In fact, you just have to know your product. We do all the set up and can even add in new products and manage your stock each month. We can even base the new website on your current Etsy Store and take all the copy and products from there over to your new site for you! It’s a great way to transition to your own E-Commerce Small Business Website without the risk and the headache.

Want to chat about how we can help you? Get in touch! We would love to help.

Contact us at hello@smallsites.com.au – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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