Writing Copy is easy – you just need the formula.


Here at Small Sites we encourage all small business owners to either have a go at writing the copy (ie the words that will go on the website) themselves to get a feel for how the site will flow. We find that most small business owners actually have a good idea of what they want to say and how to say it. It doesn’t have to be in full sentences either. Just a Heading and three dot points under it are enough for our team to be able to take your idea and create a web page.

Base it on a site you like.

Take a look at the demo sites on our website and you will see a pattern emerging. A headline and approximately 100 – 150 words is all you need per section to give your customer enough information to make a purchase or discover more. A website is like a journey – if you can draw the customer along with you you will have a greater chance of getting them to make a purchase or contact you.

If it’s all too much….

At Small Sites our job is to make getting your business online easy! If the idea of writing copy for your website is just not your thing then give it to us! One of our friendly team of copywriters will get in touch with you and arrange an phone interview, which will only take about 20 minutes – you can even do it while you are in the car! They will then take the ideas from your conversation and create the copy for the site for you. The cost for this service is $150 per page with a minimum of three pages (Home, About, and one other).

Got too much to say?

I had a conversation recently with one of our Small Sites family who said she just didn’t know where to stop when writing the copy for her website. One great thing about Small Sites websites is that all of our sites come with a blog. For some businesses we call this “News” for others we call it “Latest” but it works as a blog either way. This is a great place for you to provide intricate details on what you do. Not only does it help your customers find you on Google it also helps describe your services to those who really want or need to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another thing that I often suggest is having a FAQ page that can help your customers work out if your services or business is for them. For example if you are a mobile hairdresser and have an area that you service, you can pop it on your FAQ page. If you sell herbs and spices at a market but only when you have the spices in season you can put the seasonal details on your FAQ page too. Check out our FAQ page for an example.

Your copy will help your website to stand out! So getting it right, whilst not hard to do, is important. Get in touch with us at hello@smallsites.com.au to chat more about copy and your small business website.

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