Are you going to be a WordPress Super User or just let it tick over?


I get asked this question so often. Often by people who are completely terrified of the idea of even having a website, or alternatively by people who really want to get firing in E-Commerce but don’t know how to get started. The great news is that it is completely up to you!

I have some clients who have never logged into their website and are quite content with that. For them their website is a set and forget marketing tool that provides them with a presence online but is not something that they want to bring into their everyday – they are confident that because they have a Small Site it is working well and we will let them know if and when it needs attention.

I have other clients who run e-commerce businesses and, once the site is set up, they also treat their business as a set and forget. Their product is downloadable so it never runs out, the settings are all looked after by our team and they just man the customer service side of the business and check their Paypal for the money as it rolls in from their site! I think they may have been reading The 4 Hour Workweek!

I know other people, even with Small Sites, for whom their website is the central part of their business. Logging in to the site each day to check orders or add a blog is part of their morning ritual. One of these people started with no knowledge of websites at all and can now do pretty much all the content management of her site on her own!

I think the big thing is knowing what you want your site to do. Do you want it to be set and forget? Do you want your website to create leads that you follow up manually? Do you want your site to be a shop front and the main revenue vehicle for your business?

The great thing about a Small Site is that we take care of all the technical side of the website. We worry about the things that keep most small business owners up at night worrying about (simply because it is not something that they are experts at!); the hosting, the analytics, pixels, plugins, security, themes! All the things that can fast overwhelm a small business owner and be devastating to a business if they are gotten wrong.

Can we help you? We would love to have a chat to see if a Small Site could be the right solution for your business – whether it is set and forget, or the linchpin to your success. Give us a call on 0437548342 or email us at

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