GSuite is fast becoming the worlds most popular and preferred email platform. Here at Small Sites and Audacious Digital we love GSuite because we can be sure that it is providing the very best email service to our clients. And there are a heap of added bonuses you get with a GSuite email – which I will talk about later!

But for todays topic – how to setup your GSuite Email.

Setup GSuite Email Step One: Login on the web

In your Email Setup email you will have received a username (more than likely your email address) and an initial password. If you head to google, click on the Sign In bar in the top right hand corner and use your username and email to sign in.

If you already have a Google account (maybe a .gmail address) you may be logged in already. If the Sign In bar is not there and a little circle is, then click on the circle and choose Add Account.

In the next screen you will be prompted for your credentials – enter the ones we sent in the Email Setup email. You will then have to choose a new password (head here if you like choosing super secure ones – we recommend using at least 2 numbers, one symbol and 2 capital letters in your password) – don’t forget to save it and write it down somewhere!


Use Gmail in your Browser

The team here at Small Sites actually like to use the online interface to send and receive emails. It is super easy to use and we find it great. Make sure you are logged in and then head to to try it out.


Set up Email On your Computer

Many of our Small Sites family choose to use their normal email service such as Outlook (PC) or Mail (Safari). Both can be used to set up your new email address in just a few clicks. Here are some links that show you how to do it.


Summary – how to setup GSuite Email




Setup GSuite Email on your iPad or Mobile Phone

Team Small Sites love the Gmail App by Google. It is powerful and has all the tools we need to manage our email. We absolutely recommend it when you are on the go  – you can access it here.

If you prefer to access via your default email service just follow the setup wizard on your phone or iPad (each one is a little different).


Using GSuite Email is that simple! And setup is easy!

If you have any issues with your Small Sites or Audacious Digital Email account, need a new password or have added a team member and need a new email address, just get in touch with us at and we would be happy to help.

Happy Emailing 🙂


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