I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely Vince Massara and recording a podcast with him a few weeks ago. Vince spends his weeks moulding the young minds that attend the high school he teaches at in Victoria but on the weekends, Vince is a side gig superstar! Not only does he run his own copywriting business but he also helps other teachers by giving them practical skills and advice on how to develop a side gig, a side hustle, an extra income stream – whatever you would like to call it!

As someone who was once married to a teacher (my hubby is not a teacher any longer – but still my hubby!) I know that they are creative, talented individuals. In fact I seem to like surrounding myself with teachers! My sister is a teacher, my best mates are teachers and my brother in law is a teacher – man, I really must like hanging with the teacher crew!

But, back to my point, teachers are creative types, who often have hidden (or not so hidden) abilities that can make great side gigs! Take my brother in law for example, he earns a bit of extra cash playing some tunes with his band at the local bowlo on a Sunday afternoon, or my bestie, she is an incredible artist who exhibits on the side.

To celebrate the teacher side gig I want to give ALL the teachers out there a special offer – a FREE 5xblog copywriting package valued at $350 when you purchase a Small Site! Just let me know you are a teacher when you purchase your site. Hooray for Teachers!

Oh, and check out my chat with Vince here http://vincemassara.com/starting-an-e-commerce-store/

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