Why you should start with a Small Site website


I get asked all the time – Is a small site for me if I want to grow my business?

The short answer: yes! Start small and scale.

The longer answer: Still yes, but here’s why. Many people start a business with high hopes and dreams of the future but go and ask your friendly local Entrepreneur if their business is the same as when they first started and 9 times out of 10 they will say no! A great big resounding NO!

And that is what we find and it is one of the reasons that we created Small Sites – businesses change, people change, markets change; and websites need to keep up. As your business changes and you find your niche market you will need to customise the content on your site to match your clients.

Some examples that we do within Small Sites are below:

  1. Landing Pages and Lead Pages

Small business people are entrepreneurial at heart – they have great ideas, and ideas beget innovation. This is something that should be celebrated! When they have a brand new idea they often need a web page to gather interest, collect email addresses or pre-sell their new product. At Small Sites, we have the flexibility to do all this and more – still for an affordable price! If the idea comes to nothing then just a little time and a few dollars can be chalked up to learning. If it does go somewhere – FANTASTIC!

  1. Copy Rewriting

Often small businesses start with some copy (ie words that go on their website) that they wrote themselves. As their business changes and grows the imagery that they started with may still be relevant but the words may not. We often help business owners to rewrite their initial content so that they crystalise their vision and their offering for their client.

  1. E-commerce Product Changes

Sometimes we have seen businesses change in their product offering and go from a face to face product to a virtual product. For example, a consultant may introduce an e-course or toolkit they have created from their professional experience. We help them to modify their site so that they are ready to make this transition.

And the list goes on! The main thing to realise is that you need your website to be as dynamic and flexible as your business and that is why a Small Site is a great option for a novice (or serial!) Entrepreneur. The last thing that you want to do as a business person is to pay a fortune for a website that you THINK will meet the needs of your customers, only to find out that you need to change it and pay significantly more $$$ to do so. My advice is to take it slow, grow your business and your tech with your customer base. So in essence, start a small site, not big site!

Want to know MORE? Give me a call on 0437548342 and let’s have a chat about your business and your Small Site.

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