The answer is yes if you are a consultant you need more than just a LinkedIn page


I love working with consultants. I love how much they know their stuff. I love the way they’re passionate about their subject matter, they’re passionate about their customers, and they’re passionate about their business – they are really fabulous to work with. One of the questions that they always ask me is, “Why would I need a website if I’m on LinkedIn?”. This is followed closely by, “A website wouldn’t give me any leads…. Would it?”

If you’re a consultant, you actually do need a website. Your website is your window to the world – it’s the place where you, as a professional, exist on the internet.

Here are just two of the things a website does for consultants:


  1. A website provides credibility.

As a consultant it’s really hard to maintain credibility in the workforce. When you leave the big name of the company that used to pay your weekly pay cheque behind you also lose that name as your current employer on your CV. Now you are on your own! You need to create your current credibility – and a great website helps you do that. When you’re pitching for a new job or a new tender, there is nothing more professional than having a great website. It doesn’t have to be fancy (although Small Sites websites are pretty flash) but it does have to look professional – and it has to work!


  1. It provides more information.

By having a website as a consultant, you are able to provide information about what you do. It’s actually quite simple. You are able to provide the information that will hopefully help you land the job, you can give information about previous projects you have worked on, or projects that you’re currently involved in that you would like to showcase. It’s a simple way of providing information that your potential customers would want to read about. Especially if people are seeking you out as opposed to you seeking them, it is great to have a place where they can “preview” who you are and what you do without the standard LinkedIn formula.


  1. It helps weed out time wasters

Ever get the tyre kicker giving you a call? Or that person that is just not on the same page as you? A website with a great FAQ page can help weed out the timewasters, the tyre kickers and those who are just not going to gel with your way of working.


As a consultant, you need a website to maintain your credibility, even establish your credibility and to provide further information for potential customers about your services. Do you have this in your current website? Or do you need a Small Site?

Get in touch at and we would love to talk you through the options for customised consultant website just for you.

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