Making your business stand out, whether it’s big or small.


It is so important to make your business stand out, whether it is a tiny business like a hairdressing salon that you run from your home a couple of days per week or whether it’s a big business, where you employ lots and lots of staff and make fancy widgets. Whatever it is, you need to stand out and you need have a presence.

That’s why it’s important to have a Small Site, a website – a place that’s yours on the internet.

We all have a place that we can conduct our business, for some of us it’s on the kitchen table, for others it’s a coffee shop around the corner, for some tradies your car may be HQ or for you may have an actual office and a real place to put up your business sign.

Your digital presence is how people find you online. It’s important as a small business, especially if you don’t have an office on a visible main street or a car with a bright wrap around it, driving around the local streets, that you have a presence. A visibility. A place where you really exist. And that’s where your website comes in.

Your website is your place. It’s what defines you as a business, whether you are small or large, and is your own place in the world – it just happens to be on the internet.

Talk to us about getting your own place on the internet. Your Small Site is exactly that. It’s a place where your business exists. As a place to help people find you.

Get in touch with us at to talk more about your Small Site and your own place online.

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