Whether it is as a side gig or as a full time job – E-commerce is the way of the future.

I remember the days before my adventures in E-Commerce. Starting the day at 5am so that I could get the babies lunches packed, have them fed and dressed and at day care by 6:45am so that then I could face the commute from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and slink into my work by 9am (if there was no traffic). I would arrive home at 6pm (husband had picked up the kids), to bath them, feed them put them to bed and then collapse in a heap on the couch at 7:30 – watch an hour of tv and eat too much ice-cream, fall asleep on the couch, somehow get into bed and then wake-up to do it all again the next morning. THIS WAS NOT LIVING!

If your days are similar, and it is not the life you think that you signed up for then maybe this e-commerce thing could be for you! I thoroughly recommend the e-commerce bible The 4-hour Work Week  by Timothy Ferris as a starting point. And then – you are away.

Whether you sell handmade chocolates, custom stationery or drop shipped kitchen ware from China – an E-Commerce Website can help you turn this idea, passion or craft into spare change or even a real business that frees you from the grind.

And the good news? A fully setup and managed e-commerce website full of 20 of your product, training and basic SEO is only $1150 upfront and then $100 per month. What are you waiting for? You spend more on petrol in the commute to work!

We would love to help you get your e-commerce dream started. Talk to us at Small Sites – email hello@smallsites.com.au, we can’t wait to be a part of your journey.


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